Fresh & Fruity Grapefruit & Kiwi Moisturiser

Fresh & Fruity

For heavenly silky smooth skin try this whipped moisturiser. A little goes a long way and provides insanely gentle soft skin you won’t be able to resist stroking.

Equal quantities of:
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter

Grapefruit & Kiwi Essential Oil

Jar x1
Whisk x1
Microwave proof bowl x1

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Gently melt the Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, mixing periodically. Once it is fully melted add the Grapefruit and Kiwi Essential Oil- as much or as little as you like depending on your preference.

Put in the fridge to chill and once the colour of the mixture turns a white / cream get the whisk on it and  whisk until it thickens, stiffens and the whisk leaves a trail. Transfer to your jar and enjoy silky soft skin!

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Quick Crafts: Orange & Cinnamon Lip Balm

Orange & Cinnamon Lip Balm

So you have a spare 10 minutes? Make some Orange & Cinnamon Lip Balm for a fruity luscious silky soft pout.


Equal Measures of:
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter

3 drops of Cinnamon & Orange Essential Oils
Orange Mica Powder



Melt the Coconut Oil and Shea Butter. Add as many or as few crops of the essential oils, depending on the strength of the fragrance you want.

Add the Orange mica powder to colour .

Pour into a lip balm container and leave in a cool place to harden and set.

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Luxury Grapefruit & Kiwi Soap


A creamy and fruity soap that really does leave your skin feeling luxuriously silky smooth with an exotically fruity scent.



Equal parts of:
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Goats Milk Soap Base

Grapefruit & Kiwi Essential Oil
Green Mica Colouring Powder

20160321_084301_Richtone(HDR) (2)


Put the Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Goats Milk Soap Base into a microwave proof dish and gently melt it.

Once it is melted add the Grapefruit and Kiwi Essential Oil- as much or as little as you want depending on how subtle a scent you want. I put in about 10 drops as I like my soaps to have a strong fragrance if they’re fruity- and mix.
Finally add your mica powder and colour it to your preference.

Once mixed in, pour into your mould and leave to set.

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Why Pinterest is the Place To Be if You’re Crafty


I won’t lie, I truly adore Pinterest and spend far too long perusing all the pins on numerous topics and subjects! I find it the best form of inspiration and instruction to satisfy my creative tendencies.

So if you are of the crafty persuasion and love nothing more than turning your hand to things why is Pinterest the place to go?

Pinterest is pretty much a  virtual cork board / recipe / scrapbook that you can ‘pin’ anything on the internet that interests you, to a single account. It saves you from having to take further measures as you would normally, to save the information (such as emailing it to yourself or bookmarking the page to your browser).


You can install the Pinterest ‘button’ to your web browse so that when you come across a web page you would like to look at in more detail later on, you click the button on your browser and it will automatically save it to your Pinterest account. It really is that easy!

You can also search for specific topics through the Pinterest platform itself and being very visually orientated you will find just how quick and easy it is to find what you’re looking for.

You can search for pretty much everything from DIY crafts, to beauty tutorials, clothes, home improvement, photographs, news articles- you name it and I’m pretty certain Pinterest will have a whole library of content for your perusal! You can also invite and follow friends, family and like minded individuals to really create a sense of community where you can share boards and pins with one another.


Still interested? Good! So how do you get started?

Katie Kavulla on She Knows has created a very simple ‘How To’ guide on getting up and running on Pinterest and she advises the following:

How do I get started pinning?

The first thing you’ll need to do is get a Pinterest account. You can go to the Pinterest website.

Once you’re on, the next thing you’ll need is the “Pin It” button installed in your browser toolbar. This magic little button is what allows you to pin things online. Installing the button is very easy — when you’re in your Pinterest account, look to the upper right-hand corner and hover above “About,” then click on “Pin It Button” and follow the directions to drag the button into your toolbar.

Or instead of using the “Pin It” button, you can also copy and paste links from sites you like, and it will search for photos from that page, which you can then pin. You can also upload photos from your computer.

What am I suppose to pin?

Here’s the great thing about Pinterest — you can pin anything you want! Everyone uses it for different things — from saving recipes that you want to make to saving articles that you want to reference later (we can, ahem, certainly suggest some you should pin!) to all of the shoes you’d love to add to your closet for spring — so Pinterest can easily be whatever you want it to be.

As you start pinning, create “Boards” that categorize your pins, making them easy for you to find later. Pinterest suggests some to get you started, but usually you’ll want to create your own to fit what you love to pin. It takes a while to get the hang of creating boards — they need to be the perfect combination of general and specific — but we promise that the more you pin, the better your boards will become.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the “Repin” function on Pinterest! Once you’ve added friends to your Pinterest account — you follow them as you follow Facebook or Twitter friends — you will have a customized feed where you can see all of the fantastic things that they’re pinning too. See an idea you love? Just hover over that pin in the feed and click on the “Repin” button to add it to one of your boards.

Once you have your account set up you are good to go!



Melt & Pour: Lemon and Poppy Seed Soap Bar

Poppy Seed


Smells great, looks great and leaves your skin feeling soft and sparkling new.

The Lemon and Poppy Seed Soap Bar- I personally can’t get enough of this one and use it all the time. I just love the smell and feeling of my skin after using this and I am excited to see what else I can do with this Lemon and poppy seed combo!

As with my previous post this is another Melt & Pour recipe however this time using white beeswax instead of the Goats Milk Soap Base – Just thought I’d mix things up a little- as beeswax has many beneficial properties that I felt complimented the other ingredients too well not to be included.


Lemon Rind:Containing vitamins, minerals and fibre, it brightens the skin, can whiten your nails, lightens age spots and softens dry skin.

Poppy Seeds: Fantastic agents against Eczema they boost anti-inflammatory  properties while moisturising and clearing the skin of dirt and grime to leave it radiant.

Shea Butter: Fantastic against blemishes and skin conditions, Shea Butter leaves the skin feeling moisturised, soft and smooth.

Coconut Oil: Acting as an exfoliant, Coconut Oil softens and smooths dry skin while helping to repair and protect it.

White Beeswax: A fantastic aid against allergies, beeswax contains non-allergenic properties that helps to protect and moisturise the skin. It also proves effective against stretch marks and dry skin conditions such as Eczema.

Goats Milk Soap Base: I think the most important point to using Goats Milk Soap Base is that it isn’t a chemical counterfeit. It delays the signs of ageing by working with the skin rather than against it. It also has anti inflammatory properties and can help treat acne.


Melt equal measures of the beeswax, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter gently in the microwave along with double the measure of the above, of Goats Milk Soap Base. Make sure to melt gently in twenty second intervals and stir in between. Once melted together pour your mixture into your soap moulds.

Then mix as much (or as little) Lemon Rind and Poppy Seeds together before adding to your mould. Mix into the mixture and then leave it to cool completely in a cool place.

It usually only takes a few hours in a cool place to set however I usually leave it overnight just for good measure.

Once they have completely cooled and solidified enjoy the health benefits of your Lemon and Poppy Seed Soap Bar.



Melt & Pour: Epsom Salt Scrub Soap Bar

Moisturising Salt Scrub Soap bar

The Epsom Salt Scrub Soap Bar is an incredibly easy item- perfect for the Beauty DIY Novice like myself- to make and with so many health benefits it will make you wonder why you never tried making these before.

Perfect as a quick crafty project with the kids or as a gift in a home-made hamper this healthy alternative to shop bought produce not only leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and new, but the health benefits from all the ingredients really do make this soap bar worth giving a go!



Epsom Salt: Known for its relaxing properties Epsom Salt can cure skin problems, soothe pain and aching limbs and draw out toxins in the body.

Shea Butter: A fantastic moisturiser, Shea Butter can help cure numerous skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema and help treat skin allergies from insect bites, stings and sunburn. It can also help circulation which can reduce the look of ageing in the skin.

Coconut Oil: The Jack of All Trades in skin care, Coconut Oil can be used for many different things from skin care products to a healthier option to fry your food in.the healthy properties present in coconut Oil allow it to be a fantastic moisturiser and skin softener, it is claimed to help with some skin conditions and even makes a healthy alternative to the commercial make-up removers.

Goats Milk Soap Base: Goats Milk Soap is fantastic at reducing the signs of ageing in the skin and boasts anti- inflammatory properties which help sooth and calm dry / damaged skin.



Take equal measures of the Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and the Goats Milk Soap Base, and melt gradually in the microwave. Once it has all melted and mixed in with one another pour into your moulds.

The amount of Epsom Salt you use is entirely up you depending on the result you want.  I filled my moulds between 1/4 and 1/2 full so that one side of the soap would be the scrub and the other the lotion but it is all based on personal preference.

Leave your soaps to set somewhere cool until they have hardened completely- I left mine overnight just to make sure.

Once they have fully set you are good to go.

Easy Peasey Lemon Biscuits



Fluffy, crumbly and flavourful lemon biscuits that fill a hole and are so simple to make, there really is no reason not to give them a go!

So this week I decided to bake some lemon cookies with my partner’s daughter.

Erin loves lemon flavoured things so this was an easy, obvious choice. It was also the perfect way to spend an hour or so!

After looking on Pinterest (the ultimate ‘go- to’ place for fantastic baking ideas) and the internet, I finally found a recipe that was designed for us brits (measurements being in ounces/ grams and not cups- Note to self, buy some Cups!) on the Good Food Channel page.

These biscuits really are incredibly simple and came out looking (and tasting!) lovely!

I would definitely recommend these to anyone with a small amount of time (and ingredients) that are looking for fantastic results for very little effort. These Easy Peasey Lemon Biscuits really are a tasty, beautiful biscuit!

Easy Peasey Lemon Biscuits


  • 17 g plain flour
  • 1 lemon, grated zest only
  • 110g soft butter
  • 50g sugar


Icing sugar


1. Preheat the oven to 180C/ gas mark 4.

2. Put the flour and lemon rind into a mixing bowl and rub in the soft butter.

3. Add the caster sugar and bring the whole mixture together to form a stiff dough. Do not add any water, however tempting.
Erin and I made the decision to add the juice from half the lemon and added extra flour to ensure the consistency remained the same.

4. Roll out the dough to about ½ cm thickness and cut into shapes with a cookie cutter.
For this Erin and I decided to make them about 1/ 1.5 cm thick and we found they made a much more substantial biscuit, allowing the flavour of the lemon to really come through. Obviously this is all dependant on personal preference but worth making a note of depending on the subtlety of the flavour you are going for.

5. Place carefully on a greased baking tray and cook in the oven for 6-10 minutes until pale golden.
We found that despite having a really good oven, we had to cook them for closer for 15 minutes which I attribute to having a chunkier biscuit. The key is to wait for the pale golden appearance.

6. Remove from the oven and cool on a wire rack.

7. Once properly cooled, decorate and enjoy!
For this part, Erin and I made a simple icing by mixing together icing sugar and water until it reached the right consistency. We then separated the mixture into 5 and coloured them using different food colourings. Putting out different cake decorations I then left Erin to her own devices as she loves the decorating bit the most.