When Life Gives you Lemons- Anxiety and Resilience


So before I begin I must apologise for the radio silence these past few months. Aside from the usual issues of life and work getting in the way, I had to take a time out due to anxiety issues.

I have struggled with anxiety for just about a year now and I have so far managed to cope without the use of medication. It is a tough road and there are still bumps in the road every now and then, some worse than others. It does mean however that when it hits bad I struggle to maintain my usual routines and pace, having to take time out to concentrate on getting back on track.

This is what has prompted me to write this post as  mental health is equally important as physical and emotional health and with everything so intrinsically linked I feel it is important to address.

When it comes to overcoming my ‘blips’ with the anxiety, time and again it involves allowing myself to go through the necessary stages before taking control and picking myself up again.

Anyone struggling with any form of mental illness will understand that everyone has their own ways of overcoming their issues and there no miracle cure or process to follow. Its as personal to the individual as any other however there are steps i found that really help with managing my own recovery.

Resilience and Anxiety

  1. Give yourself permission to feel.
    Allow yourself to feel your emotions and thoughts. Accept and acknowledge them.
    Allow yourself this time to understand where the triggers lie.
    Believe it or not, the simple act of giving yourself permission feels like the first step towards controlling your illness and not letting it control you.
  2. Recognise the triggers.
    Take control of each trigger, one at a time. Identify what it is about each trigger that causes the anxiety.
  3. Take control.
    Take control of your triggers and formulate steps that you can take to minimise the effects they have over you. Whether it means taking a time out, reminding yourself of its place in the bigger place or simply making the decision not to care. Again, having the chance to feel that you are in control of your situation helps you control your anxiety.
  4. Guidelines not goalposts.
    See your steps as guidelines not goalposts. They are flexible and changeable, not concrete pillars for you to aim between.
    Ensure you re-evaluate and change your guidelines depending on what works and what doesn’t. Anxiety is changeable therefore so too should your steps.
  5. Accept Support
    Do not be afraid to seek support from loved ones or your doctor. You are in control and accepting support is simply another way of ensuring you retain control.
    Do not be afraid to go to your doctor if you feel you need extra support.


I hope this proves useful in some way to anyone who is struggling with the same issues i am.

I would like to make the point that i am not an expert and this is simply what i have found helps me with my process. I would very much welcome any comments with further suggestions on how to deal with anxiety.


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