Health Kick: H2O Fruit Infusions

Fruit Infusions

So with my family holiday to Malta fast approaching and being very aware that I have yet to get on the exercise bike even half as much as I told myself I would, I have been scouting the world of Pinterest to find easy solutions to aid in a bit of healthy weight loss that I can fit around work.

It’s not rocket science to figure out that drinking more water throughout your day will help flush toxins from your body, re-hydrate dry and tired skin, and fill you up so you don’t need feel the need to eat as much.
My issue is that while I like water, I don’t like it enough to look forward to it like I would a cup of tea and have to force myself to chose water over tea at work.

After browsing Pinterest I came to realise just how many delicious veggie / fruity water infusions there are out there and thought to myself that I really must share some of these ideas.

I have one of those fruit infuser water bottles and for the past two weeks I have been drinking green tea and lime infused water at work which I prepare the night before and let infuse in the fridge overnight.
I am currently getting through about 4 pints of it at work and I do feel healthier- although my trips to the ladies has increased somewhat, but I am told that will eventually subside!

I can honestly say I really can’t get enough of my green tea and lime drink at the moment and this has helped in motivating me to drink it daily. Unfortunately I am aware that I am only human and eventually I will tire of this combination and decide to change things up.

Sharing is Caring

Figuring that I am probably not the only one that bores of plain ole’ water, I thought I would share some websites I found that provide some interesting ideas for fruit infused water which I fully intend to try once my green tea and lime gets ‘so last week’.

I found a fantastic page on where they have compiled and listed 50 fruit infused water suggestions from numerous sources on the internet. They also provide a small paragraph on each detailing the benefits of the components to each drink allowing you to chose the infusion that will benefit you the most depending on what you’re looking for.

Several other sites I have found listing some lovely suggestions of fruit infused water are,, and

Fruit Infusion for the Lazy Individual (like me!)

A neat infusion I have recently discovered and literally bought the ingredients for this morning (apparently we had no honey!) is the Lazy person’s weight loss infusion.

Not gripped yet? How about if I tell you that it will help you lose weight while you sleep? Thought that would interest you. As I’ve said I haven’t tried this yet however I do plan to tonight so will keep you posted about whether or not it does what it says on the tin, but in the meantime check it out at and let me know how you get on if you give it a go!




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